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Description: Kolossi/Κολόσσι/Kolos


All recorded names

  • Kolossi/Κολόσσι (Default toponym)

    Institution: Cyprus permanent committee for the standardisation of geographical names

    Title: Complete Gazetteer of Cyprus

    Date: 1987

    Page: 583

    Description: CGC

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  • Institution: None

    Title: Οδηγός Τυποποίησης Ονομάτων

    Date: 2007

    Page: 100

    Description: Geonoma

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  • Author: Attar, Leonida VIAF link

    Title: Cyprus 1542: The Great Map of the Island

    Date: 1542 - 1542

    Page: 142

    Description: Illustration: Tower on the right, attached to a house built over a river

    Author: Bustron, Florio VIAF link

    Title: Chronique de l'Île de Chypre de Florio Bustron

    Date: 1550 - 1570

    Page: 25 etc

    Description: "E anchora al Colosso, casal delli cavalieri di S. Gioanne dell'Hospedal."

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  • Author: Lusignan, Estienne de VIAF link

    Title: Description de toute l'isle de Cypre

    Date: 1580

    Page: 35r. [89]

    Description: Colosse est un village, qui a un petit chateau bien muny

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  • Author: Kyprianos/Κυπριανός, Αρχιμανδρίτης VIAF link

    Title: Ἱστορία Χρονολογικὴ τῆς Νήσου Κύπρου

    Date: 1788

    Page: 70

    Description: Κολόσσιν. χωρίον, ἔχει ἕνα Καστέλλιον

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Associated Archeological Entities

Agios Efstathios/Ἅγιος Εὐστάθιος (Kolossi)

Kolossi/τὸ Κολόσσι

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